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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

United We Dance

Chloe got to do the opening cartwheels for her new routine. She was so proud!

Amazing Chloe!

Taya you are so beautiful & look so grown up in this costume!

Enjoying the pool when we stayed in Rochester for their last competition of the year!

The girls and their ABSOLUTELY AWESOME coach Sandy!!


The girls have been taking dance lessons for a long time. Chloe started when she was 3, so she has been in dance for 6 years. Taya started dance lessons as a 1st grader, so she is in her 7th year of dance. They still love it and I never have to force them to go to class. I enjoy watching them so much!They are so talented!!
Chloe's team has been together for several years. She is in a special placement kick/jazz class and takes a ballet class to work on flexibility and technique. This year Chloe's team competed at 5 competitions--twice at St. Cloud State Univeristy, Blomington, Brainerd and Rochester. Every single time they competed, they work 1st place. An undefeated competition seaon!! I loved just sitting in the crowd and hearing the people next to me say, "Oh, there is St. Cloud. They are the team to beat!" As I've said many times, any type of competition is not all about winning. But, honestly, who doesn't want their child to do well? What parent isn't proud when their child is a part of the winning team? And Chloe's team has been undefeated for three years. That is truely a remarkable accomplishment! I am proud of them and all of their hard work.
Taya is also on an advanced placement kick/jazz team as well as taking a ballet class. Taya's team competed at St. Cloud State University twice, Whapeton & Rochester. She has grown so much this year as a dancer. She is learning to be much more expressive and to have fun while dancing. Taya's team was undefeated as well! It truely is amazing!
Congratulations to both of my lovely ladies! Mom & dad are so proud of you!! 

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