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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My good friend Jordy recently celebrated her 50th birthday. For many years, I worked as a PCA in the nursing home in the town where I grew up. I met Jordy when she started working there. In fact, I trained her in. I'm trying to think how many years ago that was--at least 15 years I'm sure. Even though Jordy and I don't talk all the time, we have remained in contact and remained close friends throughout the years. We have been through loss and heartache and joy and celebrations! I can always count on her. It was really fun to see her and also many of my old friends that I used to work with that I hadn't seen in years! The girls enjoyed dancing to the live polka band and I enjoyed seeing and catching up with my old friends.

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


I should be working on some school work while the kids are at school, but instead I'm here blogging away. This stuff really is addictive! (Thanks Tracy and Meridith!)The snow doesn't seem to be stopping. Ugh! I guess all the snow put me in the mood to decorate for Halloween. I love to decorate and take pictures of my house decorated for the different seasons. I guess I got that from my mom. She always had the most beautiful deorations up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I am not as good at it as she was, but I still love to try. I miss you mom!

We had a fun filled weekend! Saturday, the kids, Corey and I went over to some friends for an Oktoberfest party. We had sausage and kraut (Corey loves the stuff), but I had to rinse the kraut off before I could eat the sausage!! (Much to the cook's dismay!) We played some poker and had a great time. I don't think I had ever played poker before. Luckiliy, we didn't play for real money or I might be mortgaging the house right about now. The girls had fun playing on a drum set and playing with other kids at the party. At the end of the night, we found Chloe asleep with her new "friend". How cute!!

On Sunday, I was a "mean" mom and made my kids get up to go to Sunday School. We went out for Chinese and then went to "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." It was a cute movie and the girls really liked it. Then we went to Willy Wonka at the Paramount Theatre in downtown St. Cloud. We have season tickets to the Children's Theater. We all love going to live plays! After that it was finish my 20-page paper for school, practice piano, baths, and to bed so we could start the week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gotta love Minnesota!


The last time I checked the calendar it was October 10th. But, it is Minnesota, and this morning we woke up to snow! The girls were so excited they skipped breakfast and had to dig out their snowpants, hats, and mittens and go play in the snow "before it was gone". Oh, to be a kid again! "I don't know why you and daddy don't like snow", Taya wondered. "I love it!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Buddy Walk--Como Park

We had such an awesome time at the Buddy Walk in Como Park on September 20th! The walk was to raise money to support people with Down Syndrome. Corey, Taya, Chloe and I went to support my friend Tracy and her daughter Molly who has Down Syndrome. The girls enjoyed face painting and playing with Tracy's younger kids--Gavin, Maggie, and Molly. The girls actually did better than we thought they would during the walk. They walked the whole way and only started complaining the last 1/2 mile! After the walk and a little lunch, we went to Como Zoo for awhile and enjoyed seeing the animals.

A drizzly day in October!

Well, finally a quiet weekend to relax and recover. Corey and I are getting over some wicked colds. Luckily, the girls haven't caught it (yet)! Taya is dancing with several dance classes at half-time of a Sartell Football game October 14th so today they had to go to the football field to practice. It was freezing and drizzling off and on, but she was a trooper and danced on the field for over an hour. Chloe and I froze sitting on the wet benches, but I am glad I got to see them practice because I will miss the real thing due to having to work that night.