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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Science Museum

The girls practiced weaving on a loom

They loved pretending they were scientists

The girls thought this really big chair was so cool

Putting on a newscast
We also decided spur-of-the-moment to go to the Science Museum while I was on vacation. The museum had a King Tut exhibit and I really wanted to go see it. Because, you know, if I wasn't a nurse, I would be an archeologist like Indiana Jones. I even took 1/2 of an Egyptian hyroglifics class in college. So cool! And although King Tut wasn't actually there (apparently he doesn't ever travel out of Egypt) they had one of only two existing exact replicas of his mummy. All the jewlery, statues, chairs and other artifacts were from Egypt. They were so cool!!! We watched the Mummy movie at the IMAX and the girls enjoyed looking around the rest of the museum too. What a fun day!

This is what summer is all about--the county fair and a bonfire!!

Is there anything better than cheese curds at the fair?

The girls checking out the horses

Taya is trying to pet the goat

Chloe timidly trying to pet the sheep

Ready to watch the dog show

Chloe with a baby turkey. Yes, turkey!

Oh..the Tilt-A-Whirl! Brings back memories!

Both the girls absolutely love the bumper cars

I thought Chloe would be terrified, but she loved this ride!

Bonfire with Nay

Nay had huge marshmellows that were almost too big for the graham crackers

In August, I took two weeks of vacation. was so nice! For about a week, the girls and I bummed around. We got up when we wanted to and did what we wanted to. The first weekend in August, we went to the Benton County Fair. We enjoyed cheese curds, foot long hot dogs, home-made ice cream, pizza...the list goes on and on. There is simply nothing better than fair food! We looked at the horses and even saw a blue horse! Seriously, I have no idea if they dye the horses hair or how that exactly works. But a horse of a different does the old saying go? The girls petted goats, decided the pigs stunk, and were afriad to get too close to the llamas because Taya had heard somewhere that if they get angry they spit on you. We watched a dog show and the girls went on rides for hours. Chloe is getting much braver and went on rides over and over that I didn't think she would even try! Later that evening, we had a bonfire with Nay. A wonderful meal, the girls swimming in the hot tub, huge marshmellows for smores, and watching the fire crackle late into the night...this is what summer is all about my friends!!!