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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dance competition in Fargo

March 20th and 21st, we went up to Fargo/Moorhead for a dance competition at the Moorhead High School. Because we had to be there at 8:00am on Sunday, we decided to stay the night and let the girls splash around at a water park. The girls had a blast swimming and going down the slides and luckily we didn't get washed away in the flooding. Taya competed with both her kick and jazz classes and both groups won first place in their divisions!! Taya was so excited! So far, she is undefeated in dance competitions this year. Chloe was so cute cheering for her sister. She held up the poster we made to cheer Taya on. Check out that picture of her crossing her fingers while she watched Taya dance. How cute is that!!

March 23rd was Taya's 4th grade spring concert at school. I am always amazed at how many kids are in her grade. But then,I graduated with 37 kids and we were the largest class in school. It was fun to see the nice program that everyone put together. They all worked so hard and did a great job!!

Every year at school, Mississippi Heights Elementary put on an Arts & Academics day where the kids get to put on a talent show. This year, as she has before, Taya performed a piano solo. She enjoys doing this so much and practiced really hard before the big day. It really is her only chance to "show off" her piano skills.

The week before Easter, I spent days and days and hours and hours finishing my BIG paper for school. It was a 20+ page literature review paper. EEK!! I probably had over 70 articles I had to read and organize. Wow! It was so much work, but I am so glad it is done. I have one smaller paper and then need to present my project to the unit where I work and down on campus one day. Then, I will have my Master's degree. It will be so nice to be done with school!! I also spent a fabulous day shopping at the Albertville Outlet mall with my friend Tracy. We had so much fun shopping and bumming the whole day without kids!! We went shopping to find clothes for our upcoming trip to Florida. Less than a week left before we leave!! WooHoo!!!!

I had to work Easter weekend, but Corey and the girls went up to Nanny's for the weekend. The girls had fun dyeing Easter eggs with their cousins and enjoyed ham, potatoes, and all kinds of goodies. In fact, because the girls didn't have school on Easter Monday, they stayed an extra day at Corey's sister's and played with their cousins and their new puppy. Corey and I went and picked them up Monday night.

Corey had an appointment with his nephrologist on April 6th. His nephrologist said he is on a "slope" of decline in his kidney functioning and that he doesn't like how steep the slope is, but Corey is on it. Corey is down to about 30% functioning. He's lost 15% functioning in the last 2 years. So, we try to get as much time out of Corey's kidneys as we can and then he will need a kidney transplant. He has a kidney biopsy scheduled for May 12th just to make sure there is nothing else going on with his kidneys other than the diabetes. The biopsy doesn't sound pleasant. They have to stick a needle through his back and into his kidney 3 times and he has to stay overnight in the hospital. Needles to say, Corey is not looking forward to it!

Taya has been pretty sick most of the week. I finally took her to the clinic on Friday and they said they think she has viral GE (gastroenteritis). She has spent days in bed with her stomach really hurting her and diarrhea. But, today she is finally starting to feel better and no longer has a fever. Hopefully, she will be well enough to compete at her final dance competition tomorrow at SCSU! Poor baby!! I absolutely hate it when my kids are sick. It makes me feel so bad when they are in pain and there is nothing I can do. Luckily, they don't get sick that often! So the plan is to continue to lay low today and if everyone is healthy tomorrow, we'll go to Taya's dance competition, go to a movie, and do some grilling. It is so nice to spend the weekend just chilling around the house for a change.