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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Maze'N Farmyard--2012

We have been to the A Maze'N Farmyard several times, but it had been a few years since we had gone. I had just gotten a new vehicle because my van had literally died and we decided to take a road trip one Saturday in October. The girls had fun like they always do. They loved going down the giant slide and running around the maze and Chloe could still ride the horses, but it felt a little different this time. The girls are getting a little older and everything at the A Maze'N Farmyard is geared toward kids a little younger. Kind of makes me sad that that might be the last time we go. We'll see what the girls want to do this year. It's hard to watch them grow up so fast!


Seventh grade is the first year that Taya could participate in sports through school. She had tried a little basketball through community ed and really didn't like it. So, when she started 7th grade she was really excited to try something new. She debated between swimming and volleyball and truthfully, in the end, we chose volleyball simply because it fit into our schedule better. But, she loves it! She participated in volleyball through school in September and October and is currently in JO (Junior Olympic) volleyball through community ed. JO volleyball is a competitive traveling volleyball team. They practice twice a week and have tournaments on the weekends. She has had volleyball tournaments in Monticello & Minneapolis and we have upcoming tournaments in Cold Spring, St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids. Taya is getting better and better and I reallly enjoy going to her games. I think volleyball is teaching her great lessons on how to be a member of a team and how to be a good sport. It's great exercise too! I always tell her she doesn't have to be the best, just try hard and have fun!

Taya's Family Birthday Party

I had always wanted to do a Halloween-themed birthday party. I was still on leave and had the Halloween decorations up early. September? Close enough! So, we had a Halloween themed party for Taya's birthday!! The girls loved the skulls and named them Fred & Ginger!

Taya & I


Good food! Birthday girl first!

The kids are helping Taya open her presents!

Miss Molly!

Auntie Tracy doing the girls' nails!

Make a wish...
Everyone loves cake!
Although I still wasn't really feeling up to entertaining a whole house-full of people, it was Taya's Golden Birthday and I wanted it to be special for her. So, I pushed the date of her party back a little and asked my dad and sister for help cleaning so we could have her family party on September 22nd. Taya got some decorations for her room. It was great to visit with everyone! Taya is 12! I can't believe it! My tween girl!  

BBQ at Naomi's

We hadn't been able to do much during the summer. We usually had a BBQ round with my friends. So a couple weeks post-op when Corey and I were moving a little bit, we decided to have one last end-of-summer get-to-gether. Naomi had recently bought a new house and was gracious enough to host the party. Good food! Great friends! A fun bonfire! The kids running around screaming and playing on the swing set! Life doesn't get much better!

Taya's Spa Birthday Party

Taya had been begging to have a spa birthday party for several years. So, we finally decided to go with the spa theme for her friend birthday party this past year. Taya, Chloe & five of Taya's friends went to the Model College of Hair Design for an afternoon of pampering. The girls got their hair and make up done and a mani or pedi. Everyone absolutely loved it! We opened gifts and had cake and juice. Taya loved that they made her hair into a bow! "Mom, you should do my hair like that for school!" Yah right, my dear! Keep dreaming! 

Taya's 12th Birthday Pics

I'm always trying to find new photographers and to capture unique images for the girls' birthday pics. For Taya's 12th birthday, we went to SCSU campus. I even made Taya climb up into a tree for a few pics. I was still about 4 weeks post-op and couldn't lift, so the photographer graciously hoisted Taya up into the tree. Oh, the things we do for pictures!

You are getting so grown up, my dear! You are so beautiful! Happy 12th birthday Taya!