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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!

May 21st was also my sister's birthday so after the dance show, we went out to Mexican Village to celebrate Karin's birthday. Happy B-day Sis! I love you!

Dance is sweet!

On May 21st, the girls had their final spring dance show. Taya's class had learned a new routine with a hula hoop. There was a really cool light routine where they turn off all the lights in the gym and the dancers dance with different colored lights. There was also a class of dance moms that danced in 70's clothes and there were two really neat father/daughter routines. Next year, I might have to join the mom's dance class!  My dad and Tracy and the ladies came to watch. Molly sat on the floor right in the front by the announcer's table with a big smile on her face copying all the dance moves. Anytime there was a break, she would sign "more, more". She absolutely loved it! Maggie joined her sister up by the front to watch and seemed to really enjoy the dancing too!

Sandy's Birthday

A rare find! Corey on the dance floor!

Looks like he's even having fun dancing!

Here's me (& Stephanie) thinking I can sing karaoke to Meatloaf

Last Friday, we went out with a bunch of Corey's friends from work to celebrate Sandy's birthday! I did a little dancing and so did Corey. Wow! Amazing! Then, I guess I thought I was cool and sang some karaoke to Meatloaf (Paradise by the Dashboard Lights). Oh well. What happens at Scoops stays at Scoops, right? (Or is that Vegas?) Anyways, we had a blast!

Chloe's Field Day

Last week, Chloe had field day at school. I love going to watch them. I'm not much of an athlete and I don't expect that either Taya or Chloe will be Olympic champions, but it is fun to see them take part in all these athletic events. Chloe participated in the 30-yard dash, softball throw, soccer kick, sack race, leaky pipe race, obstacle course, egg race, and tug-of-war! And Chloe is still young enough that she was excited I came to watch her and not embarrassed by her old mom.

The day Taya's class was scheduled to have field day, she had been chosen to go to a YaYa (Young artists and Young authors) conference. Two people from each class go to St. Ben's for the day and have workshops on writing stories, poems, and for the newspaper. This is the second year Taya has gone to this conference and she loves it. She often writes stories at home. Who knows? Maybe she will be an author someday!

Grandparent's Breakfast & AAA

Taya and her friends presenting their science experiment

Look out! It's going to blow!

Just look at that face

Chloe performing her piano solo

Taya tickling the ivory

Every year at school, there is a grandparent's breakfast in the spring. The girls were so excited that Grandpa was going to come and have breakfast at their school! Chloe woke up that morning and said "I can't believe Grandpa is going to come and eat with us at school!" Too funny!

The same day was the girls' AAA performances. AAA stands for Arts & Academic Awards. It is basically a school-wide talent show where kids can sing, dance, show off artwork, play an instrument, or do just about anything they want to do to show off their talent. Taya and two of her friends from school performed a science experiement. It was hilarious. Who knew that by adding salt, baking soda, vinegar, and a few other secret ingredients you could get a pop bottle to explode! Then each of the girls performed a piano solo. Chloe was really nervous because this was the first time she had played the piano in front of anyone but her teacher, but she did a fabulous job. Taya, who has played piano at AAA before, also did a wonderful job. It's so fun to see them play piano and enjoy it! Way to go girls!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Sushi

My sister completely surprised me with this book. It is the 6th book in a series by Jean M. Auel and I have been waiting for it to come out for years. I had no idea that it had been released. What a nice surprise! Thanks Karin!!

Taya has always been my adventursome eater. She was brave and ordered a sushi roll for lunch!

And she liked it!!! (Chloe stuck to her usual..chicken nuggets and fries!)

On April 30th, we went out with my dad and sister for lunch to celebrate my birthday. We decided to go to the sushi restaurant because my dad had never really tried sushi before. We had a nice lunch and although my dad said sushi probably isn't his favorite, he enjoyed it. Taya even ordered some sushi and (I think to her surprise) really liked it! She's even better at the chopsticks than I am!


So, I had a little party. Ever since DeNae had DeNaefest, we've all kind of been taking turns having a party. Well...actually...come to think of it....I might be the first one to have a "Fest" since DeNaefest. Throwing a "Fest" is a big responsibility and a lot of pressure. Just the name implies a higher level of craziness and fun to be had than an ordinary party. Anyways, I just wanted to get together with all my wonderful, crazy friends and have some fun! I guess we called it Kristinfest because I planned it and we were also kind of, sort of celebrating my birthday. Good a reason as any to get together and have some fun. Right?

DeNae & myself

I heard somewhere that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So, am I insane? I don't think so, but maybe a little forgetfull! I forgot what happens when you give DeNae the camera and let her loose!!! I've done it before, I just forgot what happens! DeNae proceeded to take a picture of herself with almost everyone that came to the party. When I looked at these pictures the next day, I was practically in tears I was laughing so hard! Thanks for capturing the action DeNae! Love ya!!!!!

DeNae & Ashley

DeNae & Heidi

DeNae & Naomi

DeNae & John

DeNae & Troy

DeNae & Corey

DeNae & Amy

DeNae & Angi

DeNae & Dave

DeNae & Jessica

DeNae & Roger

Naomi & Ashley writing on Mike's underwear with puff paints

Ashley, Warren, Lisa and Lisa's niece Stephanie

Oh...forgot one...DeNae & Mike

One more...DeNae & Tracy

Instead of Where's Waldo, let's play Where's Dave?

Since this is my blog, I'm posting the picture of Mike and I snuggling. In your face Heidi!!!!!!