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Monday, May 6, 2013

Chloe's 9th birthday

My sassy birthday girl!!

The girls getting drenched! They love it for some reason.

Enjoying the hot tub with my ladies!

Chloe posing for the camera. What a ham!!

Chloe is in love with Monster High dolls right now.

Make a wish sweetheart!
Don't even remember what present she was opening up here, but she sure seems excited!

Dinner at Space Aliens with Grandpa & Karin!!
And right after Christmas, (BAM) Chloe's birthday. It sneaks up on us. Every. Year. I had worked New Year's Day and toward the end of my shift was feeling so sick that I was barely able to finish out the day. I spent the next 2 1/2 days feeling like complete crap and sleeping. Great! The flu! I never get sick! And it knocked me on my a%#! Poor Chloe, I know she cared about how I felt, but she was so worried we were going to miss her birthday festivities because I was sick. She was constantly asking me if I was feeling any better. Luckily, by Friday I did feel about 75% myself and no one else had succumbed to the flu, so we were able to head out of town for Chloe's much-anticipated birthday celebration at Three Bears Water park. We had been there several years ago with Mike & Tracy and the girls loved it, so when we suggested it for Chloe's birthday, she was so excited! The girls had a blast riding the lazy river in their inner tubes, going down the water slides & getting drenched with the huge bucket of water that tipped over every 20-30 minutes or so. We spent the night and the girls had hours of fun both Friday & Saturday at the water park. When we got back into town, we went to eat at Space Aliens (birthday girl's choice) with Grandpa & Karin and went back to our house to have cake and open presents. It turned out to be a great weekend. I can't believe that my little baby isn't so little any more. She is a very sassy 9 and almost in double digits. We love you Chloe, sass and all!!


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